Meet the Band

Bob Melanson

Lead Guitar, Vocals

Born in Moncton, New Brunswick, the NS government allowed Bob to move to Nova Scotia some time in the 80's. Bob didn't have many skills, except for maintaining his big hair, and thrashing sweet riffs on Much Music television. After he gave up his dream job at MusicStop, he moved on to become one of the most successful members of the band at losing all of his hair.

You can find Bob wandering the Annapolis Valley, waiting for them to open another Future Shop.

Neal Gaudet


Neal's hometown is Digby Nova Scotia, home to one of the most popular Theme Parks in the Maritimes fish. He spent his summers cruising the roads, and dreaming of someday living in the big city.

After arriving in Halifax, he too dreamed of working at MusicStop, but decided to just go there everyday instead.

Neal is by far the best drummer that Donair Supply has ever had. Don't forget to hit his drums or cymbals at our next show. He still loves that.

Rob Leblanc

Lead Bass, Vocals

Originally from Prince Edward Island, Rob grew up near the ferry terminal in Borden. He'd often sit in his room listening to the boarding announcements, and try to write songs to them, which lead to his PEI top charts song, "Your Attention Please". The history of this town is also what inspired his passion for architecture.

Rob is always striving to be the fittest in the band. You can often see him on stage drinking 5 beer, then chasing it with a salad.

Adam Driscoll

Fiddle, Mandolin, Vocals

Adam is the newest member of the band. Also from Prince Edward Island, he grew up in a much better place than Rob. Honestly, that's all I know about Adam. Oh, and that he plays in all the bands in Halifax. Adam is kinda like that neighbourhood cat. You're excited that he comes over to play with you, but you know he's got other plans eventually.

Bruce Fillmore

Lead Vocal, Guitar, Support Analyst

Bruce hails from the metropolis of Amherst, Nova Scotia. He got his first wedgie for singing when he was 6 years old, singing in the youth choir. He's been getting wedgies for most of his life for singing.

When he was a young adult, he finally succeeded in joining a Barbershop Quartet in the Nova Scotia Tattoo, where after the show was over, proceeded to get a wedgie.